Paula Santoro
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Minas Gerais - Brazil
"Paula Santoro"
Biscoito Fino
July / November 2010




The voice from Minas Gerais

Paula Santoro has just launched her new album by Biscoito Fino in Brazil and by Rip Curl Recordings in Japan. The new album has special guests like: Chico Buarque (one of the most important artists of Brazil), Toninho Horta (one of the best jazz guitar players of the world), Jaques Morelenbaum (he worked with Tom Jobim for ten years, he works with Ryuichi Sakamoto and he is the maestro of Caetano Veloso). The album was produced by Rodolfo Stroeter (have already produced albums of Gilberto Gil, Joyce, Zizi Possi, etc) and Rafael Vernet (he worked with Hermeto Paschoal and works with Ed Motta, among others).

Paula Santoro started her career in Minas Gerais in 1988, as part of a local vocal group- Nós e Voz, and was spotted by violinist Marcus Vianna, leader of Sagrado Coração da Terra, a reputable progressive rock band. Paula soon became the band’s lead-singer and released several records with them. She toured the country extensively with the group.In 1998 Paula Santoro moved to Rio de Janeiro. She was invited to take part in the Brahma Brasil Festival in France, one of the highlights of the World Cup events. She performed for thousands on her own, and shared the same stage with the pop singer Fernanda Abreu. She was also invited to sing with the great Gilberto Gil, and the pair of them got the ecstatic crowds in the mood for the World Cup games.
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The Band
Paula Santoro: voice

Rafael Vernet: piano
Angela Frontera: percussion


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