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September - October 2010




The voice like an instrument

Izabel Padovani, the winner of the 2006 Visa Prize in the vocal category, has just released the CD Desassossego.
One of the newest promises in the music world, this São Paulo native brings a rigorous singing style together with elaborate arrangements in a blend that won over the audience and jury of the prestigious Visa award.

A native of São Paulo state who has lived for a number of years in Austria, Izabel was born in the city of Campinas, and since 1996 has lived between Vienna and São Paulo. She was a voice student of Ana Maria Kieffer and attended music school at the São Caetano do Sul Arts Foundation, in the São Paulo suburb of São Caetano do Sul. She has two previous CDs, Mar&Bel and Hein?, both recorded with pianist Marcelo Onofri, her partner of many years.
With her career concentrated outside Brazil, Izabel has performed at festivals and concert halls in Europe, among them the Jazz Fest Wien, the Karl Drewo Jazz Festival, the Ruhe Triennale Jazz Festival, the Porgy & Bess Jazzclub, Zawinul’s Birdland Jazzclub and others. In 2005 she released the CD Tons - bass and voice, alongside bassist Ronaldo Saggiorato. With a team of international musicians, the CD was nominated for the Schallplattenkritik critics’ award in Germany.
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The Band
Izabel Padovani:
Ronaldo Sagiorato: bass and arrangements
Pedro Tagliani
: guitars
M.Tubino: reeds / percussion


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