Fred Martins
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Modern Brazil
Rio de Janeiro
"Fred Martins"
September 2009 - März 2010




The Singer and Songwriter

Fred Martins, 2006 winner of the 9th Visa Brazilian Music Awards – Composers’ Edition, with unbeatable songs like “O Samba Me Diz” (Samba Tells Me), which he wrote in conjunction with Marcelo Diniz, has had an unique trajectory in Brazilian music. With his own special brand of musicality, Martins was up against well-known names such as João Donato and André Abujamra, and, as well as taking first place in the awards, he won the audience’s choice award at Tom Brasil, in São Paulo.

The singer-songwriter is now preparing for a new phase in his career: the launch of a CD, which is part of the award, and a DVD born of a partnership between the recording studio Eldorado and the cable TV channel Canal Brasil. The DVD of the new project, recorded live at São Paulo’s jazz club Bourbon Street, is called "Tempo Afora" (Throughout Time) and is
scheduled for release in Brazil in June 2007.
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The Band
Fred Martins
: electric guitar / voice
Ciro Trindade: bass
Cláudio Wilner: drums
Márcio Tubino: sax / flute


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